Kimi (xxkimbiecatxx) wrote,

My faith in LJ has been restored, I might actually use the damn thing again.

I got so many replies so quickly to my question in one of the communities I posted too, and with nice funny people that maybe LJ isn't actually filled with crazy dramatic bishes who are just out there to cause shite. So theres lots of stuff new I suppose but since I promised like.. forever ago I would update and even gave you topics, I'll start on that.

Chapter One : A year back in Sacto, reflections, regrets, happy moments.
Wow, so much can happen in one year, so much and so little at the same time. Learned a valuable lesson on mixing up infatuation with love. That never-ending Jarred saga finally ended painfully, and with tears, but on my terms, and for the better for both of us. Since then I have learned what real love is, what it's like to be loved, and how a real relationship is supposed to be. No sneaking behind other girl's backs, no more one sided "I love you"s, and defiantly no more "so confused about the situation I want to cry for hours and hours". I dated actual pure dating this year, and found the guy of my dreams and future husband. What are the chances of that eh?! I realized that I don't have friends in Sacramento, so the reason for moving back kinda wasn't there as much as I thought it was. But like anything I do, I learned and moved on. People change from third grade, I've changed since third grade, i just wish we could have changed and stayed friends. It would be nice to have someone to fall back on when in need. I bought a car, and am still working on getting my license, the body rebelling against me for a year postponed that. (See A Surgery to Start Anew for more details).

Chapter Two : Sac City-A new kinda environment.
City College, wow, smaller campus, lots more people than SMWC! Way better food, no dorms, and not a *real* feel. Last year is kinda written off I dont think I did well/completed any courses I took because of health problems. However, this year I plan to make the best of it. that pretty much sums that one up!

Chapter Three: The saga of my Broken Leg (Not yet completed)
Zomg, the ridiculousness of it all. So basically July 4th I was in the shower getting ready to go out for the night and fell. When I fell, my leg twisted underneath me and cracked the bone. However due to the wonders of Paralysis I didn't feel it and went on with the shower,getting ready ect. When I was dressed and putting on my shoes my head started pounding! I felt like I was going to die, and when i picked up my foot to put the shoe on, i heard crunching and felt the bottom part of my ankle twist farther then usual, this proceeded to an emergency ride to Sutter, since UCD had like a 20 hour wait. They splinted it, and sent me home. Next day the splint didn't hold and my head blew up again so took the ambulance to UCD went into dysreflexic shock in their emergency area that was way over packed and there were tons of other sick people on gurneys, finally saw some doctors got an x-ray, and got casted. The cast gave me a pressure sore which sent my head into another dysreflexic fit so had to go back at the end of the week and get it cut off and a new one put on, then for the following two months went back every week to get it x-rayed and a new cast so i wouldnt get more pressure sores. Finally got the cast off in October. And was in a boot for what felt like ever. And that, was my first broken bone of my life.

Chapter Four: A surgery to start anew.
Basically, the people close enough to know me know the problems I had this year and why I hermited up, they have been fixed and I should be back to my old self. Yay surgeries! I'm like the bionic woman now.
So to sum up the entry (you can still read the cuts for the gritty details)
In the year 2005 I broke off the fucked up relationship with Jarred, I lost a ton of Sacramento Friends, I turned into a hermit that played way too much WoW, I got incredibly sick and took a year off of school. I had a "slutty" period. Dropped the slut thang, and found my future husband, made new friends, and had another life changing surgery, gained another level of independence with the red convertible. OH yes and got the first broken bone of my life. Sawweeet.

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