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My wonderful boyfreind is moving in with me in a few days, I'm super excited. A bit worried the past month or so he's acted like an asshole 40% of the time, I'm hoping it's just because he's stressed about the move, and getting a new job, and blah blah blah. We've been together for a Year as of April 15th, and it's about time he'll be in the same time zone as me! I'm amazed that dad gave us his blessing. I think after Jarred though, my dad would bless anyone who didnt make me cry practically everyday. Rofl. I'm just happy, I got a new puppy, which will probably be the only child me and Cory will have for a long time because, well, I just dont want to pop out watermelons. I've achieved so much emotionaly over the last two years. It's really amazing, I found out what love is supposed to be like, which helped me cope with the Jarred thing, because it wasnt love it was some infactuation and freindship that went together and had a bad reaction. But as my aunt would say, dating is like buying shoes, you keep trying them on untill you find the right one. I truly feel like Cinderella because I dont think anyone else is a more perfect fit. And on top of that goodness, we will have really cute kids because our features compliment eachother, and we both have great eyes so our kids will have great eyes. Yay! I dont really have much else to talk about, I hate the DMV, I still dont have my lisence, fuckers. I blame them, not that I didnt have a driver with me when I went to take the test. It's really hot today, I got new Caddyshack PJ bottoms with Gophers on them with little quotes like "...not golfers. Gophers!" hehe. Mmmm thats all I got for you today , but eh! it's an update so no complainin!

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