February 20th, 2006


I'm the geek in the pink *sings*

I got the cutest valentine's day card evar! *swoons* How super is he? Oh he's super duper super. *tries not to fall* yea..that super.
hehe..enough of that mushiness *sticks tounge out*

Razzles...although strangly addicting..are really gross...and the gum part is like black. Ewww...but at the same time i cant stop popping them.

I went to auto-rama. Greatest thing Cal Expo hosts seriously. I could do without the rice burners, and boom room. But other than that it kicks ass. I just wanna hump all the classic cars. Bring em on!

I'm dealing with a stalkerish person. She freaks me out. I ignore her calls..then she calls the house....then my cell phone again. *sigh* I'm too nice to tell her I find her annoying, compulsive, and i dont want to be her friend. Although, if she keeps pushing I'm sure I wont find it so hard to keep from turning into a dragon on her.

Hehe...for the most part Ive been pretty happy. I miss the woods terribly. Like...want to hop a plane and hide out in my Big Sis's dorm room. Other than that, school's alright, Steph is around and it's good. I have James which thrills me to no end.

and in the World of Warcraft

Ajora is almost 60 which sucks ass cause he's gonna be raiding before me and Freaya can catch up *sigh* I'm almost 55. and have 3/8 of my Dreadmist. Hella gold. *laughs* Im a money maker, and I have like..3 60's to shower me in love and presents. hehe that gnome is a hottie, she brings all the boys and the girls to the yard. *laughs* I got my Robes of the Void pattern, just need some more essances and felcloth and I'll be whipping that up in no time WooHoo! annnd I went on my first LBRS raid.. it was...interesting. Got like 8 blues though, a nice trinket and a staff that a lot of people want! Booya! The Girls rocks my socks...my Officer Socks. Hehe Recruiter Kimi wee! Or more appropriate "Den Mother". So yepp. yay WoW, yay James, Yay in general. I'm off to do stuff.

Valentine.. be happy I updated just for you! *hugs*

Korea, Aldrina needs Freaya the tank/priest get rid of your mono!