November 22nd, 2006


omg an update

Where do I begin? Hmmm Well I think I'll start at now and work my way back. Right now I am sitting in my room while my most wonderful boyfreind in the entire world is bonding/shopping with Papa O, I feel like I'm about to pass out. The passing out would be due to the percocet and zanaflex (muscle spasm medicine) that I'm on to take care of my abdomen which was cut open on November 15th. The operation went well, the tube was placed and nothing looks infected. However there is a lot of pain, and my wonderful man has been there to hold me and rock me through my tears of pain. <3 *sigh* He's so wonderful. I think Papa O really likes him too, I know Pegi does. I cant wait for thanksgiving its just going to be us four I think so it'll be nice, small, and intimate. Soooo tired, going to go nap...i'll finish this later.