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28 October 1986
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  • xxkimbiecatxx@livejournal.com
  • sxekimbiecat

What is a Kimi

I am...

  • A good friend of thumper_05, and _myxwonderland_'s best bud

  • sun_berryand sardonic_sage's daughter

  • A good girl *wink*

  • A troubled teenager maturing woman trying to find my way

  • Looking for that somone special One step away from engaged with the most wonderful man

  • Graduated on May 29, 2004

  • wise beyond my years

  • A super sexy beast that's confident and does not deal with stupid people.

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User Number: 194430
Date Created:2001-06-20
Number of Posts: 713

Kimi is a fun loving 20 year old girl. She lives in Fair Oaks, California with the man of her dreams and the best dog she could ever ask for. She graduated highschool in 2004,attended St.Mary-of-the-Woods College, Sacramento City College, and American River College. She's very articulate. Shes very loyal and a great friend.Her friends and family cherish her and she is loved wherever she goes.
Strengths: Kimi has the gift of gab. But she also listens. She has the amazing ability to make friends and keep them.
Weaknesses: A bit demanding. Shes very trustworthy and gullible
Special Skills: She can tie a cherry stem with her tongue, unwrap a starburst in her mouth and can blow bubbles with her gum, known for being the world's BEST kisser. She also makes an odd duck sound with her cheeks.She skilled in the wheelchair martial arts and pops wheelies like a mad woman
Weapons: SKILLCOIL!! zomgpewpewpew
Motto: Attitude is everything

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